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Salon in a Box!

Building a New Salon?

With Eurowalls you eliminate much of the Time, Headaches, and Money (THM) associated with contractors and skilled laborers. You can also run a considerably Greener salon – and save $1000’s yearly on ever-rising utility costs.

One of the most important images for a tanning salon to represent to its Customers is one of Cleanliness.  Eurowalls make it much easier to make that image a reality.  Lotions easily wipe off of Eurowalls literally forever. Dents & dings don’t appear, you will NEVER have to paint &  most importantly – they are virtually impervious to fading from the harsh pounding of UV light. Your Rooms will stay crisp & bright forever.

Why Eurowalls?

No other company has built-out more tanning salons in North America.

We partner with you to streamline the build-out of your salons.
Whether you:

  • Are new to the industry
  • Have several salons
  • Are a large and growing chain

Let us show you a better way!

A more Streamlined way to build your salon(s)

We’ve done this for 1,000’s of Salons…

At No Additional Cost

If 1000 Salon Owners have left Sheetrock Behind…

Shouldn’t you consider it too?