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Complete Office, Medical, Spa & Tanning Room Systems

For use in any Business, Medical & Spa Environments

Chiropractic Rooms

Reception Areas & Retail Counters

Product Displays & Fixtures

Eurowalls Now is now offering

Select Pre-Owned

Rooms, Counters, and Fixtures


We can assist you with the sale of YOUR Pre-Owned

Rooms, Counters, and Fixtures! 716-478-0067

Growing a Salon Chain?

Why Eurowalls?

Eurowalls has built-out more salons than any company in North America.

We are also currently partnered with dozens of salon chains across North America,

Helping to take their salons to the next level!

Learn a more effective & streamlined method of building

Your Salon Chain!

We're working with 100's of salon owners:

Who understand the contraints & limitationsof drywall.

Who are enjoying the value of a Turn-key salon.

Complete with...

• Rooms

• Lobbies

• Retail Fixtures

• Big, Bold Graphics

• Lighting

• & Much More