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Quotes Completed our first store. Doing our second now, and planning several more. We're going to keep using Eurowalls. We like the looks, the ease of cleaning, and the fact that we'll never have to paint the walls. Gives the salon a nice classy look. Quotes
Tina Baresi
Revere Tan

Quotes Walls have been fine. Couldn't ask for a smoother transition. Installer did great work. Will definitely use you again. Quotes
Jim Fisher
Sun Bed Service

Quotes I like the style. Looks real sharp. Just completed my second salon. Bob (the installer) came down and did a superb job. They're real easy to maintain. It's real simple - instead of having too many gadgets, etc. - it just works. Just sent in my plans for my 4th store. Quotes
Mic Hensley
Ultra Tan

Quotes People love the place. Customers say... 'Oh my God, this is gorgeous...' I liked the ease of assembly. Like the way that the air flows. It's reflected in my electric bill, and there's no built-up 'tanning smell'. After two years, people still ask if the store is brand new... Quotes
Chris Zimmerman
Tantilizing Tan

Quotes I'm really impressed with the Eurowalls. The only thing I'll ever use. I want upscale places with an upscale look. Eurowalls has really taken care of me, and the walls save so much space. Quotes
Reese Fields
Tanning Retreat

Quotes Like the looks and they're easy to maintain. My other 5 salons have sheetrock and they're a pain. When I had a problem with the system, it was handled in a timely manner. Eurowalls took care of it. Quotes
Larry Pullman
Tan America

Quotes I'm pleased. Ready to do another - maybe two more stores. I'm very pleased with the looks. Some small damage occurred during delivery, but there were extra materials available, so it wasn't a problem. Quotes
Dave Johnson
Pacific Beach

Quotes When we first considered opening a tanning salon we knew we needed to differentiate ourselves from the existing salons in the area. We chose to go 'High-end' with our selection of decor and beds. It worked! In a short period of time we became the most successful salon, by far. Eurowalls played a big parting getting the 'wow factor' we intended. When we decide to open our next salon, your will be the first number I call. Quotes
DeeDee Galata
Sun Spa

Quotes Nothing has the look of Eurowalls. Our salons are the best looking and busiest in the area. We built 25 rooms in only three days. The Eurowalls staff made everything so easy. Quotes
Grant Miller
Sun Your Buns

Quotes Great look. Priced the best. Looked at everything out there. Can't get anything like it. Actually changed my plans. Eurowalls were flexible enough to get it done. Look great. Maintenance is easy. Quotes
Dino Catalano
Solar Max